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Our goal on MamaJeneDesigns.com and in our monthly newsletters is to provide unique and fun products, helpful tutorials, creative craft ideas, useful tips, and other interesting information for crafty planners like you!

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The information you see on the website, social media channels, and in the newsletters, is free to readers and subscribers! But it takes a lot of valuable time and resources to keep up with. And in order to provide that time and those resources, we have to earn enough money to keep things running!

One of the ways we earn income to keep the blog going, besides selling product, is by partnering with brands, blogs, and businesses we love. We feel blessed to be able to work with and support only companies and products we personally love, use, and can genuinely recommend.

Affiliate Links

Before a post, page, or email that may contain affiliate links, is a sentence disclosure that will tell you if some of the links in that section are from affiliates.

An affiliate link is basically a link that takes you to whatever it is we’re promoting, and if you click it and end up making a purchase, then Mama Jene Designs may get a cut. I say “may” because many affiliate programs only offer commission on certain things.

Think of these cuts like marketing fees. We feature or promote a product or service, and the company makes sales from it. They, in turn, may give us a fraction of that sale. At no additional cost to you, of course!

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are another way for us to make money to run the website. When a post is “sponsored” it means we were paid or given product in exchange for honest feedback about the product or service the article is about.

These posts will also have a sentence disclosure at the top, so that you know something was exchanged. While this won’t change our feedback about the product or service, we do want you to be fully aware.

Products in our Shop

Other than the occasional affiliate link or sponsored post, the only other way we make money to run the Mama Jene Designs website is by selling products. Check out all we have to sell in the shop!

Comment Policy

It’s our goal to make Mama Jene Designs a resource for crafty planners like you! One where everyone is welcome! It’s very important to us to keep this website as friendly, understanding, and welcoming as possible. There is no room for hate speech here! So please be kind and respectful when commenting.

Those that abuse the system will be banned from the site, as well as social media accounts.

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