Printing Tips & Services

Printing your MJD Inserts

  • Download your MJD insert .pdf files and save them to your computer. These will be found on the completed checkout screen as well as the order email sent to the email address you provided.
Open in Adobe Reader
  • Once they’re on your computer, open the .pdf file with Adobe Reader. (This should keep your inserts centered when printing!)
  • Don’t have Adobe? You can download it for free here!
    • When you hit “Install now” it should look like this:
    • Then something similar to this:
  • Once you have adobe reader, open your file!
    • (It should look similar to this view)
Printer Properties
  • When printing, be sure that you choose “actual size” or “100%” in your printer settings so that they print in the correct dimensions. (Not “fit to page”.)
  • Choose “duplex” or “double sided” if you want the insert to print front and back. Most MJD inserts are designed to print – aligned – front and back.
    • Here’s what your print properties should look like:
    • Or if the file is not on an 8.5 x 11 in sheet:
    • (Notice how only the document size changes under the comments & forms section.)
  • For larger inserts that are one sheet per page – make sure your printer is set to Portrait and have it flip the page on the long end (also called long-edge binding) to print front and back.
  • For smaller inserts that print 2 sheets per page – make sure your printer is set to Landscape and have it flip the page on the short end (also called short-edge binding) to print front and back.
Cut them Out
  • Once all your inserts are printed, it’s time to cut them out!
    • The easiest way to do this is with a paper trimmer, although you can use scissors if one is not available.
  • TN inserts – don’t cut the middle line between pages. 🙂
    • If you need help turning your TN inserts into a booklet, there’s a really easy tutorial here: Make Your Own Inserts.
  • Ring Inserts – Now cut the middle lines and punch your holes! Your inserts are ready to go in your planner!

Is your insert printing off center?

This is usually because of a setting you’ve chosen. Be sure to look through your printer settings again. Also, make sure you’re printing from Adobe Reader. Printing from other programs can cause weird things to happen. If nothing is working to center or correct the issue, email me! I’ll see what I can do to help.

Authorized Printing Services



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